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Oreo before rescue

Oreo & Candy & Applesause-

All of these horses were rescued & lesson horses for many years!

Candy just passed in December 21 at 38 years old. Many children & adults have learned to ride on Oreo & Candy .

They were well loved and greatly missed.

oreo win



over 250lbs underweight!

Horse Haven Rescue INC.
501c3- not for profit & Sunny Time Stables

1100 Tilton Rd., Port Saint Lucie, FL 

Our students’ education, fun and their safety is the most important to learning new skills. Lets face it, in todays environment with all that's going on,

We all will need as many

stress relievers as we can get!

 Our unique approach to learning makes learning horsemanship skills more than just fun - it’s a life long learning experience! Many of our students are here growing up then come back

with their children & family 

Horseback riding is a great outdoor exercise, one which will

increase confidence, ability,

athletic ability, burn calories,

increase core strength, improve balance,

help to motivate and enjoy more of your life in general!

Older students usually find the gentle movement of the horse good for increasing flexibility and the fun games we play keep riding lessons

fun and interesting!

The lesson program is designed to

make it easy to keep regular lessons

at flexible hours.

Morning and afternoon hours

  are available.

You can ride in a private lesson for 1 hour or in a semi private (1 other rider), or group 3 or more riders.

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Horseback Riding Lessons at Sunny Time Stables &

Horse Haven Rescue INC. pay and have paid for the rescue of these horses and many more!

We think of each horse as a blessing 

and every rider as a blessing too!

Our horses & riders develop confidence & skills & a great ability to cope & excel in a fun paced environment!

cinimon famiily show
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