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Horse Haven Rescue INC-
Rescues are what we do!

We have been a 501c3 not for profit since 2014!

Usually we don't receive even 1/4th of what it takes in donations to run the rescue work we do here. 

Horseback Riding Lessons at Sunny Time Stables- pay & paid for the rescue of these horses and many more! We think of each horse as a blessing & every rider as a blessing too!

This is a win, win, win stable!

The horse rescues win when they have been saved from starvation. The students win by having such a wonderful experience seeing these horses get rehabilitated, and then learning to ride properly.

The stables win by being blessed with all our wonderful visitors!


Sir Noble Dancer


Starved, left to rot on a old round bale. When we got this awesome horse, I was kicked out of a snooty barn and told to keep a blanket on him because he was so starved and ugly. Almost 300 lbs underweight.

He is the true  swan story.  He has shown and won in Wellington, hunters and dressage. He loves the trail rides, like to dance to 80's music. If we would have waited to pick him up, he might not have survived. Hundreds of students would have never gotten to have a great ride on him!





This had to be the worst case I ever seen! This poor mare had dried  diarrhea "poop balls" hanging from her matted tail. She wasn't going to last a few more days. 6 year old, untrained.

I was told that there was something wrong with her head, that she was un-trainable! Her skin was bloody crusted infected. You couldn't touch her ears at first- they were so infected. We went back to the barn where she was kept and none of the other horses were starved like this! This poor mare endured this hardship and watched the others being fed and cared for. So sad...

Look at her after pics!





She was found in Okeechobee. I was called in to pick her up. She needed over 200 pounds & had skin  & hoof issues. Super sweet mare.  Safe trail horse too!

Adopted and loving her home!





This before picture is very kind to how she really appeared.

Hanovarian, wellbred, owner surrendared. This poor mare was so run down. Many months of lots of feed, hay, worming, & teeth all slowly brought her back into a healthy state.



Angel Being Rescued-

 Check out the difference , her color, the roundness in her body. Her behavior and attitude all change. They are all so very grateful!



Teddy Graham &

Nutter Butter

 Our  recent rescues, they came in before Christmas. Nutter butter was so shaggy, we didn't see that he was over 150 lbs underweight. He was so weak my other mini (Applesauce) was pushing him around and she's usually the low man.

They both have needed to be wormed, retrained, lots of good feed and love! TLC...

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